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From bespoke suits to bear crawls and back.


Matt Aspiotis Morley founded Biofit Health & Fitness (www.biofit.io) in late 2015 combining a nature-inspired, evolution friendly gym environment and proprietary fitness method. After two pop-ups in London, he opened Biofit Calgary in Canada in late 2017 at Natural Way Chiropractic and a second at the Karolinska Institutet medical university in Stockholm, Sweden in early 2018. 

Via Biofit, Matt has delivered two scientific research projects into the health benefits of ‘indoor green exercise’ and ‘biophilic design’ with a team of academics from the University of Essex.

He is also Brand Director of Porto Montenegro (2010-today), a mixed-use superyacht marina and residential real estate development where he is responsible for creative real estate development and new business concepts.

He previously spent five years with Luxury Branding in London & Cape Town working on projects for Armani Hotels, One&Only Resorts and Seeff, as well as various local start-ups. He helped launch the Southern Africa Luxury Association (SALA) in 2008 and ran his own Anglo-Russian luxury lifestyle magazine from 2005-2011.

Matt has a BA in European Studies from University College London and a Masters in Communication & Marketing from Milan; he is a qualified fitness instructor, speaks four European languages and currently resides in Barcelona, Spain.